Grace is a beautiful palomino horse. However, back in early spring, people were considering putting her down because she was so extremely thin and malnourished. Her feet and teeth were in bad shape too.

Grace was taken in by Gina Bronson, an owner at Second Chance Ranch. 

Bronson says, "She was terribly, terribly, terribly thin... very neglected."

Grace had lost all of her palomino coloring...turning completely white because she was so malnourished.

She also needed a name.

Bronson says, "So, I named her Grace because she's sweet and she's kind."

Grace had to survive because her unborn foal was counting on her. Grace was pregnant. Two weeks after arriving at Second Chance Ranch, Grace gave birth to a healthy baby named Comet.

Bronson says, "She is a champ. She has taken such good care of that baby. She is the best mommy ever."

Now, with a lot of care and love, Grace is putting on weight.

Bronson says, "She's put on a good 200, 250 pounds already. She's still thin, but she's in way, way better shape  than she was."

Bronson adds, "She's awesome. I've kind of fallen in love with her."

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