BILLINGS, Mont. - A pediatric clinic said they are seeing a mixed response from parents regarding the COVID vaccine for kids. 

The Children's Clinic said they have given 84 doses of the COVID vaccine so far this week. They have about that many vaccine appointments scheduled for the next few days. 

RiverStone Health said they have given the COVID vaccine to 42 kids ages 5- 11 so far. 

Pediatrician at The Children's Clinic Teresa Blaskovich said the parents who are coming in are ready and excited for their kids to get the vaccine. She said some parents have questions or concerns.

"Some of the concerns have been for the risk of myocarditis, which they showed in older adolescent, typically male patients," Dr. Blaskovich said. "But then, when they looked at studies, your risk of myocarditis with COVID or with the vaccine, the risk of myocarditis with COVID-19 is much higher; higher hospitalization rate, higher long-term effects as well."

More information about myocarditis can be found here.

A nurse at The Children's Clinic brought her 8-year-old son in to get the COVID vaccine.

"He is extremely excited about it," licensed practical nurse and mom, Jenn Fisher, said. "His thought process is that he wants to protect his grandma because his grandma has some lung issues. That's his main reason to get vaccinated. He's very excited and I'm excited for him." 

There is a free pediatric and family COVID vaccine clinic at MetraPark on Saturday, November 13, 9 a.m. - noon, and Saturday, November 20, 9 a.m. - noon. No appointment is necessary.

*Video of vaccination courtesy of Danny Zimmerman at The Children's Clinic.

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