Healthcare workers happy to see patients recover from COVID-19

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Two patients hospitalized for COVID-19 have been released from the hospital and have returned home.

One patient is an 80-year-old man from Yellowstone County who was released after one week in the hospital. According to the Unified Health Command, the patient did have underlying medical conditions and was admitted to St. Vincent Healthcare after experiencing two weeks of respiratory illness.  The second patient is a 50-year-old who was admitted to the ICU and placed on a ventilator at Billings Clinic. The UHC says neither patient showed symptoms of COVID-19 upon release.

For the healthcare workers, it's a relief seeing patients making a recovery. Dr. Michael Bush is the Chief Medical Officer and is excited that these patients can return home back to their normal lives. "It's certainly encouraging and it's really positive to know we can some of our patients, and with the supportive care and the appropriate things we know work with a lot of these conditions can actually help take some of these patients with lots of medical problems and get them through this and get them back home and back to the life they were living before," says Bush. 

Nancy Iversen, Director of Patient Safety and Infection Control at Billings Clinic added by saying "it's been really a wonderful experience to be able to serve our community and watch people come in, where they need our care and be discharged and they're well."

Bush says the expected peak week in Montana is now April 20th. He continues by saying healthcare workers at St. Vincent are preparing to care for multiple patients who need ventilators while also obtaining plenty of personal protective equipment.

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