Your Health: Healthy food DNA app

A company in London says it can help you choose food at the grocery store that's healthier for you. 

All by running your DNA.

Some people would respond by saying it's pretty obvious what's healthy and what's not and that it's not necessary to have a DNA test. 

But DNANudge is banking on people wanting to be as scientific as possible in their food choices, especially if they have conditions that require special diets. 

DNANudge analyzes a customer's DNA in less than an hour and then fits the customer with a wristband that will give advice on what food to buy. 

Customers can scan any food in a grocery store and instantly see if the food is recommended based on their DNA. 

DNANudge CEO Chris Toumazou says, "The customer with their DNA band can go up to a product. They can scan this product. If it's green for them, that means it's okay. It's healthier. If it's red, it means it's not so healthy."

Keep in mind in England, crisps are potato chips and biscuits are cookies. 

"So the whole objective of DNANudge is we're not telling people they can't eat biscuits, they should eat grapes. No, they can eat biscuits but eat the better biscuit based upon your DNA and lifestyle. So it's using biology to nudge you and guide you and give you more choices so that you can have a healthier lifestyle in the long term." says Toumazou

The company is a spin off from Imperial College London where Toumazou is a professor of engineering and developed the DNA cartridge.

The DNANudge cartridge system dramatically reduces the typically two to eight week wait for DNA test results. 

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