Vet undergoes special hip replacement surgery

A U.S. Army veteran who jumped out of planes during Desert Storm is one step closer to walking without pain. 

Raymond Remak was an airborne paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 

He's very positive about his experiences while in the army. 

Yet, jumping out of airplanes may have contributed to his bad back, knees and hip. 

After years of pain, Raymond recently underwent a special hip replacement surgery at Orlando Health. 

The operation is difficult to perform, but leads to faster recovery and less pain afterwards. 

Raymond says, " Being airborne is fun, exhilarating, know what I mean. We jump out of planes and practice for combat. It was fun. Sill gives me goosebumps because it was high adrenaline, you know."

Dr. Jeffrey R. Petrie of Orlando Health says, "To see the transformation in just his personality really makes me happy. He's a previous veteran, he did a lot for our country. He's been working as an elevator technician for a number of years as well and doing that kind of hard work. So he's just a fantastic guy and it's great to see him happy at this point just 6 weeks post op from his right hip replacement."

Raymond will soon undergo another surgery on his other hip. His goal is to do simple things again like dancing and riding his bicycle.

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