4-H youth preparing pigs for MontanaFair

MontanaFair is August 9 to August 18 in Billings, and that means a lot 4-H youth are busy getting ready to show off their projects.

Four boys in Huntley are raising pigs for the fair.

Hayden is bringing chickens, a dairy cow and a pig named Bacon to the MontanaFair.

He said, "I think raising pigs is really fun. It's a lifestyle for me." 

Hayden added, "It is a lot of work, a lot of money, a lot of time. But, we get up early in the morning when it's nice and cool. And, we work them. We work them as friends and just spend time together."

Teagan tells me there is a weight requirement of 230 pounds to show your pigs at the fair.

He said, "I just weighed my pig. We do this every week because we want to know their exact weight and how much we need to gain to make it to fair. "

Toby's pig is named Big Poppy. This is the first year Toby has entered a pig in the fair, although he tells me he helped his brother last year.

Toby said, "I get up at 6:50 and then, I'm here at 7 to work him."

Big Poppy has gone from 36 pounds when Toby first got him to 210 pounds today.

Peyton said, "We feed them twice a day. Right now, we're giving them all about 3 1/2 pounds per feed, so seven pounds per day."

August 14 and 15 are swine showmanship and market show days at the fair. Peyton tells me that is his favorite part of raising his pig.

He said, "My favorite part is probably going to be showing them at the fair. That will be pretty fun. And, then, the hardest part I guess is just constantly every morning just being here. It can be kind of tiring sometimes."  

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