Great Falls Montana Tourism just received an $8,000 grant to create videos of experiences only offered in Great Falls.

The plan is to show what an average person does and can do in Great Falls by highlighting local businesses and restaurants.

In addition to this, Great Falls Montana Tourism will also be highlighting what people can do after a hard day’s work, such as fishing, skiing, hunting, etc.

On average, an individual visiting Great Falls spends just under $300.00 a day in lodging, food, events, etc.

If this is as successful as they’re hoping, the results could be big for the city of Great Falls.

“So if it is successful, we should see that increase in the economic impact, which then allows us the additional revenue to fund those projects ourselves,” explains Rebecca Engum, Executive Director of Great Falls Montana Tourism.

Filming will begin once their contract gets signed and approved.

After the production is complete, you’ll be able to watch the videos on social media.

Looking forward, Rebecca explains this will hopefully open more doors in the field of marketing, however, their end goal is to continue attracting people to visit Great Falls and experience everything it has to offer.

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