Grandmother arrested after her grandchild she was watching came home drunk

An Evansville woman is facing a neglect charge after police say the grandchild in her care drank enough alcohol to send him to the hospital.

Police say the boy who was under the age of three, was incoherent when his mother picked him up from her mother's home on July 5th.

The child's mother says her mother, 42-year-old Chantell Meriwether, was watching the child, and when she picked him up he was falling asleep and drooling.

She says she asked Meriwether what was wrong, and she said he as just tired. The mother says when she got the child home, she realized he was drunk and called an ambulance.

Officers say Meriwether told them she found the bottle, with the cap on, in the child's toy bag. But the mother told officers there was abottle of alcohol on the bed when she arrived to pick up her son. 

Police say the boy drank about two to four ounces of Peach Schnapps, and his blood alcohol tested 202 Mg/Dl.

They say the child had also fallen, causing a bloody tooth and swollen lips.

Meriwether was arrested late Thursday afternoon. Her bond is set at $1,500 cash.

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