Graduation day for Billings Senior high school

It's not just Memorial Day that's being celebrated in Billings this weekend. Seniors from different high schools in the Billings area are graduating.

More than a hundred students graduated today from Billings Senior high school. The graduation was held at MetraPark Auto Arena.

Excitement, pride, and happiness filled the arena at MetraPark today. Family members, friends, and loved ones all showed up in support of today's event. One of the things that stood out were the graduation caps. Many of the students creatively decorated their caps in lieu of their big day. The ceremony lasted for about two hours. One person explained how proud she is of her baby brothers.

"I am here for Shane McKeen and Zach Moore. I feel very emotional 'cause they're my baby brothers and it's sad," said Shayanne Moore.

"I'm here to congratulate my stepdaughter, Emily Ludall, on graduating. Me and her mom are very proud of her," said Michael McFadden.

The seniors from Billings West high school will also be graduating today at 6 o'clock at the MetraPark Auto Arena.

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