BILLINGS, Mt. - A nursing home health facility in Billings records a case of COVID-19 among one of their residents. The announcement comes the same day Governor Bullock announces a new directive allowing families to visit nursing home facilities.

Avantara Billings, announced the positive case in a press release on Wednesday, June 24th. Regional Director of Operations Michael Speidel says in a statement, the facility is unsure where the resident came into contact with a carrier of the virus. The resident was recently admitted to the Avantara facility after being treated at another healthcare facility. 

During Governor Bullock's news conference Wednesday he addresses the new protocols for nursing home facilities to allow visitors. They include notifying residents and family before visitation and consistent testing of staff and residents.

Facilities should still encourage virtual visitation methods, especially for out of state visitors or visitors from areas of concern with widespread community transmission. Facilities certainly shouldn't allow visitors if there's been a recent case or cases of COVID-19 within the facility in the past 28 days," says Governor Bullock.

Speidel says at this time the resident is currently in stable condition at a local hospital. They are not aware of any other residents or staff who have tested positive. The facility has currently restricted visitor access.

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