With National monuments closed due to the government shutdown,  this includes the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, just an hour away from Billings.

As a result, one small business which relies heavily on the surrounding tourism is taking a big hit.

KULR-8's Mary Jane Belleza traveled to Crow Agency to see how the shutdown is affecting this small business.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is known for its preservation of life by fighting to take a stand.

As the sun sets, visitors cross the road to Custer Battlefield Trading Post to eat and shop...that's where Putt Thompson and Jill Thompson are taking their last stand.

"Govt employees might be getting their pay withheld, so it will affect us. the tribe now is low on money and because of that it will certainly be reflected on our sales and our food sales as well," said Putt Thompson.

Thompson says they don't have a long term plan in case the shutdown continues but he's thankful for the current help he has right now.

"As long as we can employ people ourselves or keep them on a short schedule," Thompson adds. "It's money that they may not be getting otherwise so we're excited that we have so many employees to stay afloat."

Thompson said he doesn't want the govt shutdown to affect his business, so if you're driving down I-90, he invites you to come on down.

"Tourism is underestimated here in our state, to some degree and we have a lot of room for growth and that will bring more people. The question is how do we handle them without being disappointed and that's why we try to fill that void," said Thompson.

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