In honor of Donate Life Month, St. Vincent Healthcare has created a "Gift of Life" gallery wall in their hospital. 

The gallery displays portraits of three donors, who after losing their life, donated their organs to save the lives of others. 

Five years ago, Kim Shanks lost her 22-year-old son, TJ, in a car crash. By donating his organs, he helped the lives of 35 strangers. 

"When we decided to give we were giving parts of TJ and then those parts became people and then those people became families and it's just amazing the impact something like this can have," said Shanks. 

At over 80-percent, Montana has the most registered donors per capita than any other state in the nation. The need for organs always exceeds the supply and all hospitals use the benefits of tissue donation on a daily basis.

St. Vincent Healthcare is the busiest hospital in Montana in terms of referrals of potential donors and is among the top two hospitals in the state in regards to the number of donated organs (St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula is the other hospital).

Shanks said the gallery is one more way for people to hear about the stories of organ donors so more can be informed about their importance. 

The gallery is in the hallways behind the main lobby of St. Vincent Healthcare. 

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