Tomorrow night at the Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark, mixed martial arts fighters from across the country will enter the octagon to fight for a cause.

Fusion Fight League hopes to help a daughter, wife, and mother of two find her way to a new liver as she battles stage-4 non-alcoholic liver failure.

"My daughter is Ashleigh Goodell-Scala and she's 35 years old. She is married and has two kids. She's been diagnosed with stage-4 liver cirrhosis," said Jann Goodell, Ashleigh's mother.

"She is unfortunately battling that and she can't have a partial. She needs a complete liver transplant," said Fusion Fight League Owner, Terrill Bracken.

"I won't say we've been strong the whole time. It's very difficult to watch your child going through this and knowing there's nothing that you can do to fix it or make it better because as parents, that's what we want to do," added Goodell. "It is out of our control, it's in God's hands and we just have to have faith in him and realize that he, whatever his plan is, it's bigger than ours and he's got it under control. It's actually amazing, the support that has been given to us and to her."

"That's the thing that's really important to me is the people. This is a people business and what's really awesome is people we've done benefits for, they stay involved in the organization," said Bracken. "They come back show after show. They help support the other benefits and it almost becomes like a family. It's been really neat to see that, to build those relationships and to have those continuing relationships in every town that we go to."

"There is no promise for tomorrow for anybody and so you've got to live today like it's your last and do what you want to do today, because you may not be given the chance again," said Goodell. "So, if there's someone you want to call or you need to tell them, your family, your friends, anybody, you've got to let them know that you appreciate them today."

If you'd like to attend tomorrow night's show, (May 18, 2019) you can reserve seats at the MetraPark Box office or website.

Tickets range from $15 to $35 dollars.

Through Fusion Fight League's "Fight for a Cause" they've been able to nearly raise $350,000 for those in need right here in Montana.

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