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BILLINGS, Mont. - As a part of Governor Steve Bullock's plan to reopen Montana, free surveillance testing for COVID-19 has been taking place across the state.

On Saturday, June 20th, Billings residents got their chance to be tested.

Many Magic City residents got up bright and early looking for some peace of mind during these tough times.

RiverStone Health plans to test 2,000 people who are showing no signs or symptoms of the virus.

Residents who have traveled out of state or were involved in recent public rallies are encouraged to participate in the free testing to prevent any future spikes in cases.

"And if we do find positives, we are definitely following up with those individuals to do the contact investigation and contact tracing to see if we can determine if they traveled, if they have been involved in large groups in our community, to try and find out where there may be other spread that we don't know about.", said Shawn Hinz, Vice President of Public Health Services at RiverStone Health.  

Participants will receive a phone call or letter with in two weeks, letting them know if they are positive or not.

Health officials say if you find out you don't have Coronavirus, to continue following those recommended guidelines, "Practice good hand washing, social distancing, making sure you're wearing masks when you're in public, maintaining that vigilance around, who you're around and the environment that you are in.", said Hinz.

Click on the link to find out more about the community COVID-19 testing event,

You can also call RiverStone Health public health information line at 406-651-6415 for more information. 

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