The Fortin Culinary Center in Billings is getting ready to graduate 3 more students from its free, 12-week course.

Ethan Ronlake is a student in the program. He tells me that he has multiple job offers to choose from upon graduation. And, he has big plans for his career.

Ronlake said, "I'm going to go over into Japan and study abroad, so I can learn authentic ramen. And, bring it back over into the United States and make an authentic ramen shop here in Billings, Montana."

Executive Chef and Culinary Instructor David Maplethorpe said, "It's exciting for me. I was at The Rex for 25 years. And, then, when The Rex closed, I came here and this is something that I should have done a long time ago. I thoroughly enjoy it. I have fun doing it."

The course is free, but the rules are strict. If you miss two classes, you are out of the course. Math is an important part of the class. You may be asked to scale a recipe up or down. The culinary center also does catering which students are expected to help with.

If you are interested in taking the course, go to

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