Florida pastor pulls gun on burglar

A man of God finds himself acting like a man of the law, when a burglar breaks into his church.

The pistol-packing Pastor caught the suspect in the act, inside a Florida church.

"I screamed at him to get down and he got down," Pastor Brant Adams of Seminole Heights Baptist Church told WFLA.

Pastor Adams stopped a would-be burglar in his tracks.

"I had the gun pointed at him, I told him to get down," Pastor Adams said. "He turned around and he saw me with the gun on him. He immediately laid down on the ground."

Pastor Adams was alerted when alarms started going off right before 1 a.m. Thursday morning at the church. When he arrived, he noticed lights on inside.

He confronted the suspected crook, standing in the church office and holding a church laptop, according to police.

That's when this pastor pointed his gun.

"He didn't fight or nothing," Pastor Adams said. "He laid down, stayed there. Police got there. His backs all cut up from where he crawled through broken glass, breaking windows and stuff."

Officers are now identifying the burglar as Miguel Otero-Rivera.

While Pastor Adams says he didn't talk much to the burglar, he did let him know the people he would be hurting.

"The office that I found him in is the office that runs Mission Tampa, which runs a food pantry and a free mobile dental clinic," Pastor Adams said. "And I asked him why would he break in. If he steals anything he's going to be stealing form people that need help."

Otero-Rivera is now facing multiple charges including burglary, grand theft, and possession of drugs.

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