Flooding near Huntley

Cowboys Restaurant and Bar sits on the bank of the Yellowstone River.

Owner Terri Hanks has owned Cowboys for six years.

As the Yellowstone river continues to rise, flooding is a real concern. 

However, one restaurant owner in Huntley about flooding in the area of his business the high water can actually be good for business. 

"It never has come into the building. It comes up where you can see where it rises by the patio," said Hanks. "Other than that, it never has come into the building. This happens almost every single year. I think only one year since we've been here that it hasn't."

Hanks says flooding isn't a main concern but it is expected. 

"We sandbagged one year and it was a terrible mess to clean up," Hanks adds. "I don't know if it would really have helped. It wasn't necessary but our building sits up pretty high so I think we're okay."

Despite the high water, Hanks said it doesn't make for a bad view.

"We get lots of people here looking so I suppose it's good for business," Hanks said.

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