BILLINGS, Mont. -- After facing $2 million worth of damage only ten days before the first day of school, Shepherd students from second grade and up started classes on time.  Instruction for kindergarten and first grade will begin later this week.

Stacy Dietz, an Agriculture Education teacher for Shepherd Middle School and  Shepherd High School says a clean-up crew has worked countless hours to get the building ready.  "They've done an amazing job of cleaning things up and making things safe for our students.  I'm also a parent, so safety is very important, not only as a staff member but as a parent and so I really feel confident that our administrators and our school board have really taken into consideration the safety of our students in order to be able to start on time," says Dietz.

The Shepherd schools lost 120 windows and will have to replace the glass-covered carpets and damaged roofs.  Superintendent Carter says this will be a 12-18 month process to get the infrastructure back to where it was before the storm.  Despite the damage, Craig McKinney -- Shepherd Middle School teacher and President of Shepherd Education Association -- says kids are excited for the new school year. "Everybody is just now ready to start and we just work around the issues as far as when they get the windows in, the carpeting in and everybody just works together and we just go with it," says McKinney.

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