Billings Fire Marshal Mike Spini wants to remind people of the danger of smoking around oxygen. He said he's seen at least a dozen fires in his career due to people smoking while using oxygen.

Spini said, "Do not smoke while using oxygen. If you have to smoke, turn your oxygen off."

He added, "When this oxygen tube catches on fire, you've got the things you need for a fire. You've got your heat. You've got your fuel and your oxygen. While a typical fire would go out, this is continuing to burn because it has this constant supply of high-concentrated oxygen."

"Once the tubing catches on fire, it will just snake through the house, burning, until it reaches the source which is usually an oxygen generator," Spini said. "And, then it burns the tube off and runs out of fuel, and then goes out. But, along the way, it's setting things on fire throughout the house. It's basically like a fuse, burning throughout your house."

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