Fans enjoy day one of the NAIA Women's Basketball Championship

Four of the 32 teams in the NAIA women's national basketball tournament are from Montana. In fact, Montana Western and Rocky Mountain College played today, which is day one of competition on the court.

Montana Western played at 1:45 p.m. Rocky Mountain College started tonight at 8:00 p.m. Among the 8 games played today, they all have one thing in common - the fans enjoyed being at the tournament.

Basketball fans filled the stands at MetraPark Auto Arena.

"We came last year and had so much fun that we're gonna take in the whole thing this year," MaryAnn Baxter said.

MaryAnn Baxter and BeAnn Melichar are not just fans of the games, they're fans of what this tournament brings.

"Anyone out there that is interested in basketball at all really needs to get out here and watch these games," Melichar said.

Players who were not playing on the first day also came to watch.

"Today, I'm just here with my team. We're just checking out the other teams and the competition and what it's like to be here at the national tournament."

The big game of the night is Billings' home basketball team - Rocky Mountain College. Sharon Knox and her husband came hours before RMC started to make sure they had the best seats available to watch the home team play.

"Well, I'm hoping the band comes." Knox said. "I'm hoping the cheerleaders come, and I hope the crowd is really into it. It's good for Billings to have this and I hope they are able to continue on with it."

Rocky Mountain College lost Wednesday against Oklahoma State - 60-52. Even though they were defeated, the fans still had a great time.

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