A family from Charlotte, North Carolina's story went viral on Facebook after being involved in a scary accident over Memorial Day Weekend. Their dog disappeared after the crash.

Thousands have been working to find her. And now, they're finally reunited.

The family says they were on their way from Charlotte to the beach for memorial day weekend. About 3 hours away from their destination, the Williams family and their dog, Ivy, were involved in a severe car accident.

While the family was busy trying to get out of the car, Ivy had run off. For the next eight days, no one could find her.

From Brunswick County where the crash happened to their community in South Charlotte, thousands were behind finding Ivy. Now, their family will not have to heal without her.

With the effort from police, an app called Pawboost, and social media, the family was reunited with Ivy today. They are now back where they belong, together.

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