The Salminen family was all home when a fire broke out in their garage early in the morning on August 13. Relatives were spending the night at their house as well.

Mom April Salminen was the first to notice something was wrong. She said she heard a loud pop. She looked out the window to see the family's trailer engulfed in flames.

She said, "I knew we had so many people in the house. I just started screaming. And, had them gather the pets that we could and took the little kids outside."

No one in the family had time to grab anything, except for Lilly who grabbed the family's cat.

Lilly said, "I grabbed the cat, ran out. I thought it wouldn't go to the house, so I was calm. Then, I saw it go to the house. So, I was, like, freaking out. I was so scared."

Paolo said, "The fire jumped onto the house. And, the whole house was, like, I don't even know how tall it was. It was insane. The trailer, the garage, the house... all up in flames."

Jacoby said, "I was really scared. I just ran down the street. I just kept running until my mom said stop, and then, I stopped."

Colton said, "I just looked. I was in shock. I was like, "This has to be a dream or something."

The Salminens told me the fire started in the garage. Then, it moved to the trailer and finally, the house.

Dad Shane Salminen describes being grateful after the family had evacuated. 

He said, "Just realizing everyone was safe and just that grateful feeling that everyone made it out."

Most of their possessions are gone, including photo albums. The Salminen family intends to rebuild though. Their home will be demolished and then, they will build another home on the same spot.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the Salminen family.

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