SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Detectives are investigating after a 12-year-old boy was found deceased last week in his bedroom. The family says they have been told it appears to be an accidental overdose, and because of that, they want to warn others.

Family of Abel Girardeau (Fagnant) say he had just turned 12 the day before he died. They say he was a healthy, active young boy with no prior history with drug experimentation. 

“He was energetic, he was loving,” said family member Rebecca Cagle. “Abel had the biggest heart of any kid I know.”

And Rebecca says that love continually brought people together. His positive spirit left them all inspired.

“He was happy,” she said.

When she last saw Abel, Rebecca says they were busy making some big plans for a day out on the water.

“He said he wanted to take (me) fishing,” she said.

But instead of prepping for that trip, Abel's many loved ones are now finalizing arrangements for a funeral. The family says they are desperate for answers, fearing something found near Abel may be what holds them.

“He was found not breathing…the can was right there,” she said.

The can she’s referring to was dust-off. For years, the electronic cleaning product has made major headlines as those turning to it for a quick high instead found a death sentence. Abel's loved ones claim since his passing, they've been told by other kids that the product has once again been making the rounds. Information they say they immediately shared with the detectives on the case. According to the family, the can was taken by detectives as the investigation is continuing.

Abel’s many loved ones are sharing their pain because they worry this could once again be a growing trend. They say they just want parents to be aware.

“Talk to your kids,” a family friend said. “It's a problem, drugs, peer pressure, it can get you.”

The family says they’ve been told Abel’s toxicology report could take weeks if not months.

If you know anything about Abel’s death, please reach out to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

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