boeing 737

On Monday, the families of the victims killed in two deadly Boeing 737-Max 8 plane crashes announced several lawsuits filed against Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration.

The lawsuits claim the FAA failed to do its job due to a conflict of interest.

"The FAA has a conflict," Alisa Brodkowitz, an attorney representing several families, said. "The FAA wears two hats. It has to police aircraft and aviation safety and it's also charged with promoting aviation."

Brodkowitz said the lawsuits highlight the fact that the FAA employee in charge of certifying aircraft as "transport ready" is also a former Boeing employee.

"We've learned that there was a culture within that certification office that worked against safety," Brodkowitz said.

Investigations into the Lion Air flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crashes found that faulty software was to blame for the plane crashes.

The lawsuits filed by the families of the victims says Boeing and the FAA failed to go through the correct channels before releasing the plane for commercial use.

"There is a problem with Boeing creating a system that they didn't even mention in their flight operations manual," Brodkowitz said. "There are basic regulations that must, these boxes must be checked in order to allow an airplane to be sold, and they weren't."

The crashes involving the two Boeing 737-Max 8 planes killed hundreds of passengers and crew members back in October 2018 and March 2019.

Several domestic and international carriers have cancelled their Boeing 737-Max 8 orders, totaling billions of dollars, following the two crashes.

The Boeing 737-Max 8 jets remain grounded, leaving major airlines like United and American Airlines to cancel dozens of flights each day.

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