Facebook post receives attention after woman accuses Lodge Grass officials of neglecting to accept help  to care for animals

A Facebook post goes viral after a woman accused a town on the Crow Indian Reservation of neglecting to accept help, free of charge, to care for the animals in Crow Nation.

Freckles and Tomcat Rescue is a no-kill rescue organization that provides food and spay and neutering services for animals. KULR-8 spoke with the founder of the organization, who's worked with Lodge Grass officials in the past. She expressed frustration over the apparent lack of communication this time around.

The message claims Lodge Grass officials were preventing her from setting up a free spay and neuter clinic in town. KULR-8 spoke with the founder of the Freckles and Tomcat Rescue organization, Eshan Zaic, who explained her frustration.

"I had been trying to set up a spay and neuter clinic in Lodge Grass and had left some messages and talked to the man that I had previously set up with and no one ever got back to me," Zaic said.

Zaic received multiple responses to her social media post. Most of the replies were negative.

One of the first people to respond was Lodge Grass Mayor Quincy Dabney. He said he never received any messages from her and the man she'd previously worked with is no longer working for the town of Lodge Grass. Dabney said there's now a new administration in place.

"The vision for Lodge Grass, moving forward, is bring people in," Mayor Dabney said. "Just because it didn't work out with you before, doesn't mean that we're not able to work together. Why not? Let's bring things in that will help us out."

Mayor Dabney said it all amounts to a lack of communication and Zaic agrees.

"It was a miscommunication on my part, as well as on their part," Zaic said.

Zaic said she and the mayor are now working together to make Lodge Grass a better place. She said she does not regret writing the Facebook post because it ultimately got her connected to the mayor.

The Facebook post has since been taken down, Eshan and Mayor Dabney both say they're working together to move forward with the spay and neuter clinic, which is expected to run this summer.

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