An emergency room doctor said he sees more accidents in general in the summer, but many serious injuries can be prevented.

Dr. James Toby Vandenberg is an emergency physician at St. Vincent Healthcare. When asked for his top safety tips, Dr. Vandenberg said it's extremely important to wear a helmet while biking.

He said, "Bicycle accidents when you don't wear a helmet and you slap your head down, just a simple little accident. Then, you see a child who's brain injured, maybe for life.  That's so preventable with helmets."

Dr. Vandenberg said he's also seen firsthand what a big difference seat belts and car seats make. He said he's seen photos of cars that were completely demolished in a crash, but the child is alright because they were in a car seat.

He also said it's very important to watch kids around water.

He said, "One key thing is if there's ever toddlers around water, have a flotation device on them. You just never know when they're going to wander away and fall in. It's really a big deal if they do get in a predicament. And, that can be prevented with a flotation device on them."

Finally, don't forget the sunscreen. Dr. Vandenberg said they sometimes see kids in the ER with bad sunburns.

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