Entrepreneur Workshop at MSUB

Earlystage Montana is one of the business consultants assisting local entrepreneurs this week.

BILLINGS, Mont. - Entrepreneurs have been pitching their business ideas to mentors from "Earlystage montana" and "Rock 31" seeking their advice and knowledge on how to better build their companies and execute business strategies.

Entrepreneurs receive workshop instruction but also highly beneficial hands-on learning from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the state of Montana.

The workshop can help narrow and improve plans or completely re-structure the business itself.

The entrepreneurs and business owners going through the workshop also build solid connections with experienced people. These connections assist in the speed and quality of putting these business plans into action as well as access to resources in the early growing processes of these companies.

"Already in the first couple of days I'm getting a lot of benefit out of it. They've got a great group of mentors here that really help to shed some light on some dark corners that you really need to think about as an entreprenuer when you're starting a business," said workshop student and business owner Drew Fortner.

One of these eight entrepreneurs will be selected for a competition in Missoula where they could receive a prize of fifty thousand dollars if their business is chosen as the winner.

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