KULR (Billings)- Mans best friend finds their way into our hearts once again.

The Gladys Phelps Pet Therapy Endowment not only remembers a great mother, but brings joy to the ill.

"I wanted to do something in her honor so I felt like I was doing good but I had no idea it was going to be this many people with this many animals," said Gladys' son, Scott Phelps.

When you're down and out what better to get your spirits up than some love from our four-legged friends.

The Gladys Phelps Pet Therapy Endowment was an idea following Gladys' passing. Her sons, Scott, Sean and Corey, knew of her passion for animals, especially dogs.

They wanted her life to be remembered with the help of animals. The Phelps brothers and Billings Clinic established the endowment following her passing in April of 2016.

Through this, they are able to put the stress of sickness at ease.

"Mom would've thought this was great. She would've never thought that we could've done this while she was alive or we wouldn't have even thought of doing it. But since she loves animals so much and they're so important to her, that's why my brothers and I did it.

Volunteers are trained and their furry friends are all as well. All of the pups involved in the endowment are certified therapy dogs which ensures their interactions with all humans are calm and good-natured.

Rebecca Feyk and Chanel have been part of the program since September of 2018. They try to visit at least twice a week.

Rebecca says being a part of the Gladys Phelps Pet Therapy Endowment fills her heart with joy, Chanel's too.

"Just to see people happy, and it's not just for the patients, it's for the nurses and staff and everybody. She (Chanel) has quite the following," said Rebecca.

"The Billings Clinic has been wonderful to work with and if anything we hope to expand the program get more volunteers. If you have a dog, you want to be a part, we need more partners, more animals, I would like to see this thing get really big and do it everyday," said Scott.

For more information on the endowment and how you can become a part of it, click here.

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