UPDATE: The family reports both dogs are back home. 

Nikole Van Nice tells KULR-8 the dogs were dropped off in the family's yard by an unknown person.

Nice and her husband are cleaning the dogs up before reuniting them with their daughter.

A Billings family is desperately searching for their two husky puppies. Nikole and James Van Nice explained their 4-month-old huskies went missing Monday night in the area of ZooMontana.

"They needed to go outside. We live on a big acreage. We have no problem with them running off. Sometimes they go off into the pasture and come right back. By the time I got my shoes and coat on, we couldn't find them anywhere," said Nikole Van Nice.

While some people would say dogs are just pets, to the Van Nice family they are family. Nikole said, "Chinook is the bigger of the two. He's about 35 pounds. He's also the more timid of the two. He's red and white with ice blue eyes. And Storm, his brother, has a gray wolf coat with a little white and he's got the ice blue eyes too. He's kind of the leader out of the two of them."

Nikole and James got their daughter the male huskies from Butte back in November. The parents explained that their four-legged friends help with their daughter's anxiety.

"If anyone knows about raising husky puppies, they are a handful and a half. But they are so worth it especially when I see my daughter's face, it lights up. She lies in a pile of fluff. We have one husky already, and we got the two others and she just lies in between all three and they just calm her. They seem to know when she's upset."

If you know where Chinook and Storm are or have heard anything about where they could be, you can contact the family's veterinarian, Laurel East Animal Hospital.

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