DiMarzio Sanchez's attorneys file for mistrial

The attorneys for Dimarzio Sanchez filed for a mistrial.

Dimarzio Sanchez was found guilty of first degree murder and for aiding and abetting in the murder of Roylynn Rideshorse in December. Sanchez's trial and the guilty verdict are now being questioned because of new evidence that was not submitted at trial.

Roylynn Rideshorse died after being beaten and burned in Crow Agency in April 2016. Two others had been charged in this case; Frank Sanchez and Angela Whiteman. Both pled guilty to aiding and abetting in the beginning of 2017.

In court documents, it states during interviews in March 2018, a woman with initials A.L. stated she purchased a blue iphone from a woman only identified as S.R. in the late summer or fall of 2017. A.L. stated sometime possibly in November of 2017, A.L. found a calendar entry entitled 'Roylynn Rideshorse.'

Court documents state that according to Special Agent Christensen, the phone contained a calendar entry that was 'created or modified on December 15th, 2016 and set to recur every year on April 17th. The entry stated, in part, 'I beat her in the car a bit, I kicked her on the side of the head, I helped find the gas can.'

Court documents show S.R. denied any prior knowledge of the message. They also show that on December 9th or 10th of 2017, A.L. took the phone to the BIA office in Lame Deer and met with a person she thought was agent John Dodd. According to A.L., the interview was not recorded and the agent instructed A.L. to delete the calendar entry, which she did.

Court documents state Special Agent McMillan from the Bureau of Indian Affairs indicated he did not advise her to delete the message, rather, he advised her he could not stop her from deleting it. Documents also state the entry was created on June 23, 2016 and was last modified on December 16th, 2016.

The argument in the case of Dimarzio Sanchez, disclosed 91 days after Sanchez's trial, goes back to the issue of who is actually to blame for the death of Roylynn Rideshorse. We'll continue following this story as it develops.

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