BILLINGS - Union supporters celebrated Labor Day with their annual picnic at Rose Park in Billings Monday. This being an election year, many of Montana's democratic candidates turned up for the event. Senator Jon Tester gave a speech to hundreds attending the Billings labor rally. His presentation focused on fair pay and union bargaining rights. Pam Bucy, Steve Bullock, and Kim Gillan attended the picnic. Tester said he is skipping the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina this week to spend more time with Montanans. "You need a job you can live off of to enjoy the kind of quality of life, especially in a state like Montana, where we have the great outdoors. Hunting, fishing, and public lands we can access. I mean those are all very important things, you don't do that kind of stuff on a minimum wage paying job, you do that on a good paying job with good benefits," Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) said. This Labor Day picnic has been held in Billings for more than 25 years. There are similar events in Bozeman, Helena, and Great Falls.

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