Deceased cat receives voter registration form in mail, owners don't know why

GEORGIA, Ala. - Georgia couple Ron and Carol Tims lost their beloved cat "Cody" 12 years ago, but just recently received a voter registration form in the mail addressed to the cat. 

Carol says she doesn't know how or why her deceased cat was sent a registration form, but the Georgia Secretary of State's office says voters need to be cautious. The office warned of third party groups which could be trying to commit voter fraud. 

Even though Cody can't cast a ballot, Carol says he would've been politically active if he were still alive.

"He was a 'Demo-cat' and Cody was a brilliant cat and I think he would have voted party with qualifications," Carol said. 

But, if Cody were alive, the Secretary of State's office said he would've needed to be a human with proper state ID in order to become a registered voter. 

Authorities will be investigating any instance of suspected voter fraud across Georgia. 

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