KULR (Yellowstone County) - This week marks crime victims rights week. From April 7th through the 13th our nation is challenged to confront and remove barriers to get justice for all victims of crime.

That is exactly what members of our community and law enforcement did this afternoon on the Yellowstone County Courthouse lawn. A barbecue recognizing those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help our community was held.

The theme of this years celebration; "Honoring our Past. Creating Hope for the Future".

Among those in attendance, U.S. Attorney Kurt Alme. Alme had the opportunity to present awards and honor those who have helped bring justice to victims of crime.

"It's the core of what we do in law enforcement, why we do this job. Most of the men and women behind me do it because we care about the victims. We care about the people in this community and we want to be sure that when people are a victim that they are treated with compassion, dignity and respect," said Alme.

He added that he and law enforcement are very grateful that people in our community take public safety seriously. Additionally, he personally expressed his gratitude to those who have come forward and made sure that justice was served and wrong- doers were held accountable.

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