School District 2 is in discussion with county officials to try to bring back a new athletic facility to MetraPark. The facility would include a football field, surrounded by a running track, capable of hosting a state track and field meet.

This proposal comes after discussion of Daylis Stadium and the current condition it is in.

The main grandstands at Daylis are in need of repair and are deteriorating with each year that passes. The track around the field is also only six lanes and has accumulated damage over time.

While the grandstand is safe for fans to sit in for games, the visual appeal is lacking with concrete crumbling from the structure.

The cost of gutting the main grandstands and repairing them would be in the realm of five million dollars.

The main goal of the county is to meet school district two's needs -- as well as making everything convenient for the tax payers within the county.

"Anytime that we can partner and save the taxpayers money by not duplicating, the worst case scenario would be to have you know three football stadiums that the taxpayers are subsidizing. So if we can do it in one location whether it be MSUB or it be Metra, it's certainly worth the discussion within our community," said county commissioner Denis Pitman.

We will continue to update you on the progress made on the proposed project as the county continues to hold meetings and discussions.

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