A coroner's inquest is set for Thursday to determine if Billings Police were justified in their use of lethal force last April. 

44-year-old Shawn Hubbard was killed in the officer involved shooting. 

On April 10th, Billings Police responded to a domestic disturbance call on the 1800 block of Yellowstone Avenue. Chief St. John with BPD said the woman

reported that the man waved a gun and said he would rob a casino.

When officers arrived on the scene, Shawn Hubbard had already left the residence.

Billings Police found Hubbard at this Lucky Lil's Casino off of Grand Avenue, BPD says after Hubbard refused to drop his gun, officers decided to use lethal force.

According to Chief St John, BPD saw Hubbard waving a gun through the windows. Officers were then forced to break through the glass door to gain access and confront the suspect.

Back in April, a Witness at the shooting recalled the traumatic experience.

"All I kept thinking about was like seeing my family you know," said Donaee Carr. 

11 year veteran officer Brett Becker fired multiple shots from his patrol rifle striking Hubbard in the torso.

St. John said once the suspect was hobbled over, he was observed reaching for something on the floor. Chief St. John said Officer Becker assumed the suspect was reaching for the gun, and fired one more time to subdue him.

Hubbard was later pronounced dead at St. Vincent's healthcare. Officers identified the suspect's weapon as a CO2 pistol.

Chief St. John said in that news conference last April, Hubbard was known to police, and an active restraining order was to be served to him. 

The coroners inquest is set for 9 AM tomorrow on Thursday in Yellowstone County Court. 

KULR-8 Reporter

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