Convicted Killer Sentenced

The former Billings man who killed his ex-wife in Glendive learns Wednesday how long he'll be in prison.

Family members of the late Susan Marie Casey deliver emotional statements before convicted murderer Walter "Marty" Larson is sentenced for killing the 34-year-old mother of four. Susan Casey's sister-in law, Valerie Stanhope, was one of the witnesses to testify at the sentencing.

"I always wanted a big sister and she was my big sister," says Stanhope.

In April, Larson was found guilty of deliberate homicide involving his ex-wife, Susan Casey. Marlene Limesand, Susan's mother, also testified.

"You know that there was something very, very wrong," says Limesand.

Assistant Attorney General and prosecutor in the case Brant Light, says Larson strangled Casey and then dumped her body into the Yellowstone River.

"Once he killed Susan it became all about him, all about his survival, all about covering up his tracks so he could get away with it," says Light.

In a packed Glendive courtroom, Larson learned his fate - a 100-year sentence that is linked to a deliberate homicide charge, plus another ten years for tampering with evidence. The convicted murderer won't be eligible for parole until he serves 30 years in prison. Susan Casey's father, Jack Limesand, says family members will now be able to get on with their lives after five years of waiting. The judge is also requiring Larson to pay around $15,000 in funeral costs and around $1,000 in jury expenses.

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