Continuous road construction expected to begin on Grand Avenue next week

Drivers, be ready. Continuous road construction is expected to begin on Grand Avenue next week. The construction on Central Avenue between 52nd and 58th street was supposed to wrap up today, but due to the rain we had recently, the construction will end some time next week and then construction on Grand Avenue will start.

Staff engineer Chris Hertz said installation of a sewer main is happening right now on Central Avenue, so west of Shiloh Road is currently closed, but it won't be for much longer. He said after Central Avenue opens up, construction on Grand Avenue, between 52nd and 58th street, will start. He said Grand avenue is widening into a 3-lane section, with a center turn lane. Multi-use paths will be installed and other features will be included like a traffic signal.He also said construction on Grand Avenue will take about 80 days, but closure of the road will happen in phases.Hertz says there will be detour routes and message boards to inform drivers.

"It's important to add the capacity of that section of Grand Avenue," said Hertz. "There's a lot of development out there, the school is gonna open up in August. There's also other development that could happen at least at the intersection at 54th and Grand."

Hertz says the next project might be the reconstruction of Central Avenue between 32nd and Shiloh Road next summer.

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