Continued funding for the Big Horn County Public Library up for voting

A mill levy is on the ballot for the Big Horn County Public Library in Hardin.

While many voters are thinking about the candidates in Tuesday's election, there are other items on the ballot to consider. Take the Big Horn County Public Library, for instance. It's asking for continued funding from the voters.

Donelle Boyer is the library director and said for 16 years, the people always voted on keeping the building alive.

She said this time around, people will be able to decide on a permanent levy- six mills. This means for people who own a hundred thousand  dollar home, the cost will be $8.10 each year. For people who own a $200 thousand dollar home, the cost will be $16.20.

Boyer explained why this levy is important.

"We have a lot of people that come in and work on resumes and do job applications, besides the reading," Boyer said. "We have a teen area specific to the kids to give them a safe place to come where it's cool. They can hang out with their friends. We have an entire kids area where we do children's programming all summer long to keep them busy, safe, and not home alone."

The levy will support the public library's maintenance and all its necessities.

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