LAUREL- Kid's Kingdom, a community-built playground at Kiwanis Park in Laurel, is in dire need of repairs. The committee is asking for financial donations, as well as volunteers to help with the rebuilding process in May.

The Kid's Kingdom Playground was built in 2006 by the community. Four moms spearheaded the effort. Now, 15 years later, the park needs some big repairs.

"There are some structural concerns and safety concerns that need to be addressed soon. Or, they have talked about closing the playground area of the park until that can be accomplished, " said Playground Restoration Committee Member Kara Thomae. 

Thomae said the City of Laurel came to Grace Bible Church to ask if they would lead the effort to repair the playground. Thomae said the church does a community service project every year.

Thomae said "It just needs a lot more repair than just the annual maintenance that the city does."

The problem is cracked and bowing wood, some vandalism, and other wear and tear.

One of the original moms who was a driving force behind getting the park built is Kami Maack.

"I just learned about the disrepair of the park recently and I couldn't believe the possibility of this being closed. I couldn't believe it," said Maack. "I was in shock."

Maack said building the park back in 2006 was truly a community effort.

"So, when we built this the community actually put the labor together," said Maack. "The football team came and raised and held the posts while we poured concrete. The community built this in five days."

She added, "And, then a huge part of the contribution for the labor came from our retirement community. They came out with tools and enthusiasm and pure joy just to be here building this for the community."

The committee needs $150,000 to repair the park. They say they have already raised $13,179, including a $10,000 donation from Ace Hardware of Laurel.

Then, the committee is asking for volunteers to help with a week-long build May 12-16.

If you want to help out, more information is available here.

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