Community of Crow Agency honor missing and murdered indigenous women and girls

May 5th marked the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. The community of Crow Agency held a screening to remember those women and girls who have been murdered or missing within the state of Montana.

Two filmmakers from the University of Montana were invited to show a documentary they created last year. KULR-8 spoke with Ivan and Ivy McDonald, creators of the film, who say this film focuses on the missing and murdered indigenous women crisis in Montana.

After the film showed, community members were given a chance to speak about what the national day meant to them. Almost all who spoke said they've been directly affected and have had relatives who have been murdered or missing on the crow reservation.

Ivy McDonald explained what the film focuses on.

"With the film, we really wanted to show that these women aren't just numbers," Ivy McDonald explained. "They're not statistics. They're mothers, they're sisters, they're aunts, and they're loved. We wanted to show that they're much more than just what you hear in the news. We wanted really personal stories with they're loved ones and how they were when they were alive."

KULR-8 spoke with some of the speakers at the event and those who have been impacted by the murdered and missing. Tomorrow, we'll give you the full story of what they said.

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