The issues on fighting fires in cold

It's the day after JR's Repair went up in flames, destroying everything. The community is quickly coming together to help the owners and workers in their time of need.

KULR-8 spoke with Don Marty earlier. He's busy meeting with the insurance company, trying to figure out what's next.

He says insurance is covering all of the damage costs.

Marty explains, insurance will cover the cost of the two customer cars that were in the shop, as well as his two personal vehicles.

They're receiving lots of support from area businesses too.

Rimrock Auto has extended a hand by offering JR's employees a temporary place to work. Rimrock Auto Manager Ernie Lee says they wanted to make sure their technicians were taken care of with no pay interruptions.

Lee says they're also supplying the techs with tools and giving JR's customers a place to go. Marty says his main concern is his employees.

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