Community Comes Together to Give Teen a Wheelchair Ramp

The Billings community is a generous one. After hearing the struggles of a 16-year-old confined to a wheelchair, multiple agencies got together to build him a wheelchair ramp.

Cole Barnes needed a wheelchair ramp to his home, and his mom says it will give him independence.

"We've been packing him around, picking him up, carrying him forever,” says Jamie Barnes, Cole's mom. “But he's never been able to take the chair into the house and it sits outside with a tarp over it or you know, it sits in the garage. This will give him an opportunity to come outside in the summer, walk around the block and get back in the house on his own."

Cole is a Montana Hope Project wish kid and set to get his wish in June, but when the project heard about the need for a wheelchair ramp, they contacted the Home Builders Association of Billings. The association then received an overwhelming response of support.

"I think that it's really kind of them,” Cole says.

"It makes me so happy,” Jamie says. “And he has a lot of hurdles in his life and this is definitely helping him get through some of them. It makes me happy when he's happy."

Multiple businesses donated labor and materials and it's a timely present. His mother says his birthday is this weekend.

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