Collecting coupons for houses affected by hail storms

SHEPHERD, Mont. -- A Shepherd resident is using a clever way to help rebuild the community after Sunday's storm.  Sara Prindle came home with her five children to find tiny shards of glass in couches, toys, and even embedded in the walls.

Since then, she has started an online Facebook page collecting coupons, gift cards, and donations for households affected by the hail storm.

"I made a Facebook... a group page... and overnight that's kind of turned into coupons, and a lot of people are donating gift cards they've had lying around to even restaurants and then we just started this morning a donations page.  And with that we just want to give out Visa gift cards to people to help with laundromat costs and those little things that aren't always covered by insurance," says Prindle.

The Facebook group is called Help 406.  In the group, you can coordinate donations or receive help from the community.  The link to Help 406 can be found here:

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