Sundays hail storm has left quite a few people in Yellowstone County less than impressed with the CodeRED notification system. 

Some people on social media are blasting the county for adopting a notification platform which requires you to pay for weather notifications. 

But DES Director KC Williams says that fee will not be charged if you register through the county website, or if you text the word "YELLOWSTONE" to 99411

"If you will register through one of the Yellowstone County options, you get National Weather Service  automated weather alerts for free. If you just go out to the world wide web and download or register for the CodeRED globally, they ask for 1-dollar per year to subscribe to that weather alerting. The County and the city of Billings already paid that for everyone. So another note for people to know is if you are not included i the polygon, the warning  area, you are not going to get an alert. In other words, if the warning area doesn't affect you, you are not going to be bothered with the alert. That doesn't mean you are not going to be part of a strong storm."  said Williams

To register for the CodeRED app with free weather alerts you can either go to the Yellowstone County DES website. Or text "YELLOWSTONE" to 99411. We have this information to review on our website, just click on connections.

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