The goal of the CodeRED mobile app is aligned with the philosophy of Yellowstone County Disaster and Emergency Services to keep the public informed during emergencies and disasters.

Saving time, money, and even lives, the CodeRED emergency alert system has arrived to Yellowstone County.

"It's a really useful and powerful tool that we have at our disposal that allows this office, the emergency services, to send out public information to everyone with a cell phone," said Williams.

That was disaster and emergency services coordinator K.C. Williams, he says the service allows you to register so that you may receive a phone call, text message, email, and just about any other notification possible to make sure that you or a loved one gets notified in times of a crisis.

Williams elaborated on the importance of community members having this service ready in case of an emergency.

"In order to avoid situations that may cause you harm or inconvenience. Road closures or public safety or whatever else you can think of, you need to be informed. You have to have the information," said Williams.

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