Climber, mini shnauzer rescued from crevices on Billings Rims in seperate incidents

BILLINGS, Mont. -- At around 9:00pm Tuesday night, two calls for rescue services were needed along the Billings Rims.

The first rescue mission involved a group of climbers who were repelling down the Rims.  According to Billings Fire Department Battalion Chief Kevin Johnson, one climber fell into 'Devils Kitchen' where the other two climbers went in to offer help.  It was then that rescue crews arrived on scene and removed the three climbers from the cave. Johnson says the climber that was first to fall was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening, but severe injuries.  The other two climbers refused medical attention, says Johnson.  

The next rescue mission just a few miles west of Swords Park involved a mini schnauzer falling into a crevice.  Billings Police and Fire were on scene along with Billings Animal Control. 

Nancy Rupe, owner of the dog says Boone was on a lease but wiggled out of her collar which resulted in the dog falling into the crevice. The rescue mission took about two hours and Nancy says she is happy Boone "Kids were very upset, we were all "what do we do, oh no." It was, it was scary and sad because you couldn't just jump down and grab him." is safe, but was overcome with emotion during the process. 

These two rescues almost occurred simultaneously which allows Battalion Chief Johnson to remind folks to practice caution when partaking in recreational activities. "The weather's getting nicer, today we had two rescues, one victim, one animal.  It just shows that the Rims are dangerous and please use caution when you're up here enjoying the beautiful rims."

This is a developing story. 

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