Ballantine is one of the places hit hard by last Sunday's storm.

Ballantine resident Sarah Armour was in her car with two kids when the storm hit.

Armour said, "It was very scary. I thought my window was going to break in. My kids were screaming in there. I was on my way to get my other two from the Metra for Fair."

She had only had her car for three weeks before the storm. Meanwhile, the storm was hitting her house as well.

Armour said, "I came home to a tree on my fence and one leaning on the house, and branches everywhere. And, the hail broke out two of my windows in my closet. That is my closet right there. And, it's all water-damaged in there."

Cleanup is expensive and insurance coverage is still being worked out.

Armour said, "I have minimal damage compared to some people, but it's damage. You know, I'm going through what everyone else is, having to wait for insurance. It's kind of scary."

 She added, "It was crazy, and then it went over me. The best part at the end was the double rainbow."

Although cleanup is going to take a while for Sarah Armour and her family, she says she considers herself lucky.

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