City of Billings continues residential plowing

As the snow continues to fall, Public Works wants to reassure the city of Billings, they will continue residential plowing for the remainder of the winter season. 

This winter season marks the first year the city  has done residential plowing.

The city's budget starts July 1st and Public Works director David Mumford said they will be asking city council the same amount for next year. 

"This plowing that we're doing is the fourth one, we'll use up the funding that was originally available," said Mumford. "The $420,000 what we'll do is we'll

go into reserves for street maintenance. We'll ask permission from council to utilize some of those reserves if we continue to have snow." 

Mumford said while residential plowing for this year was successful, there is always room for improvements. 

"I think we're going to try and improve on our Facebook in ways to contact the public to let them know where we are better," adds Mumford. "One of the things is some of the streets we plowed with our crews, their driveways get plowed in. So, we're looking at how we bring more equity to everybody next year."

Mumford said he is proud of the plowing crew.

The staff has worked diligently to keep the streets clean, working 84 hour workweeks.

"Overall, I think between our staff plowing the main roads and CMG the contractor that did the residential this year and the next two years, I think they did an excellent job improving each time," said Mumford. "We appreciate the public support and our crews did a great job this year. I'm very pleased with it."

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