BILLINGS, Mont. - Many colleges around the country put on different campus-wide events with the goal of raising money for certain programs within the college.  City College at Montana State University Billings is one of the schools doing just that as they to try to raise money for their auto body program.

For auto body students at MSUB, this program allows students to get hands on experience working in an auto body garage repairing vehicles along with painting various car parts. As the only auto body program offered in Montana, it is important the program acquires resources needed to benefit both current and future students.

With the help of the MSUB Foundation and Jacket Giving Day, the auto body program will receive equipment that is vital to the growth of students in the program.

"What we want to do is to get this virtual reality paint simulator so we can take it around and do recruiting with it is largely what we want it for," says auto body instructor Steve Wodrich.  "What it is is a virtual reality world, you put on the goggles you get a paint gun in your hand and there's a fender right in front of you or whatever body part and you can practice spraying it. You can see the paint coming out of the gun, it feels a lot like being in the booth."

Not only will the new paint simulator allow Steve to recruit students from high schools across the region, but it also allows for new students to practice auto body painting while saving the program money and materials in the long run.

"It is a good spot to start, like I said they get a lot of those bad habits out of the way and get to practice and get to see how they need to spray something and we haven't used any materials so we aren't wasting a bunch of stuff," says Wodrich.

For professionals in the auto body industry, they believe this simulator sets students up for success when they are ready to enter the industry.

Mariah Sampson of American Auto Body says, "It's so refreshing having this amazing pool of employees to pull from that have all been educated on how to properly and safely repair the vehicles and understand all of the technology that goes into safely fixing these cars."

If you would like to donate to programs at MSUB, you can click here and select what program you would like to donate to on the Jacket Giving Day website. 

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