Christmas Lights

Christmas light decorations were stolen on Thursday night from a man's home in the Heights.

Ryan Donovan posted in the Billing Neighborhood Watch page on Friday morning that a set of three Christmas light decorations were stolen form his front yard, including the stakes.

He says he went to bed at around 1030 PM the night before and the next day the snowman, reindeer, and small lamp post were gone.

The incident is leaving Donovan asking why? He says the theft feels extra vindictive because they didn't take anything of extreme value, but it feels wrong to take something like Christmas decorations.

"The thing that bugs me that's in the back of my head is you know I want to decorate my house for Christmas I want to have you know a nice looking house for Christmas this is my first house and now I don't even want to get decorations because I feel like they'll just get stolen again," says Donovan. 

Donovan says his post on Facebook got a lot more attention than he thought. He says if you see the combination of decorations up in someone's yard,please message him on Facebook so he can possibly get his decorations back home.

Donovan lives in a neighborhood near Lake Elmo Drive and Uinta Park Drive in Billings Heights.

KULR-8 Reporter

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